Health & Safety

Workplace Health, Safety & the Environment (HSE) Compliance & Crisis Management

Environmental compliance is necessarily intertwined with health and safety. Dangers to the environment are often dangers to people. We assist our clients in complying with environmental health and safety regulations. From asbestos and silica to hazardous chemicals and more, we help ensure our clients keep the environment and their employees safe. 

When accidents happen, and they do, we help with investigation and response, including regulatory inquiry during the crisis. Responding to agency requests for information and avoiding enforcement is the goal. Negotiating return to compliance in a manageable way is what we strive for. We help our clients navigate enforcement actions with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as with other federal and state agencies having jurisdiction over environmental, health and safety compliance.

Occasionally, environmental matters are of an immediate nature and demand real crisis management. Our decades of experience in handling environmental emergencies puts us ahead of the curve when bad things happen. We help clients in handling emergencies, sometimes evacuations, assisting them to work with regulators and affected parties in the early stages of crisis and beyond. 

It is our goal to help our clients be proactive, not reactive, in managing their situations. We can also assist with media relations and communication strategies for managing legal liabilities.

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